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How We Work

Step 1 – Enquiry
Our friendly staff can talk you through our process by phone or in person. If it looks like you might have a valid claim we’ll invite you to our premises to meet us face to face to discuss further.

Step 2 – Information gathering
We’ll write to your lender, and any other relevant party for information. Under the data protection act all the parties involved in arranging your mortgage must fully disclose all the information they hold.  This means we will have all the facts available to us, including application forms, underwriting sheets, credit information as well as full details of all the comissions paid and to whom.

Step 3 – Analysis
Once we have all of the information requested we can go through this on your behalf and determine how strong your case is and how much compensation you might be entitled to.

Step 4 – The claim
Assuming your case is likely to be successful our expert legal team with submit a claim on your behalf and manage this process for you. This will involves preparing and pursuing your claim and all negotiations as required. A successful claim can be (up to) £50,000 per person.

This process can take 6-12 months so what are you waiting for?