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What Customers Say

“Despite only working 16 hours per week a mortgage adviser called to my door and told me I could by my house under the “Right To Buy” scheme. I went for it but didn’t understand I’d be paying interest only and that I’d lose some benefits. The mortgage was in arrears after about 12 months. Luckily, my family has helped me out otherwise I’d have lost my home. Mis-soldmortgageuk.com took my case and got me £14,000. I actually cried I was that happy”
M T, Derry

“We bought our house from the executive in 2007. The broker persuaded us to borrow an additional £20,000 for home improvements. Within 6 months we were struggling to make payments. Three years ago the house was repossessed. I’ve been renting since. I saw the ad in a local paper and contacted Mis-soldmortgageuk.com expecting to talk to a call centre in England. I was pleasantly surprised to find out they were based in Belfast. I went to see them that day and they took my case on right away. I had nothing to pay, only some forms to complete. Two weeks ago I received my compensation, £21,000! I’m absolutely delighted.”
S O’Hanlon, Belfast

“A mortgage guy called to my door and told me all my neighbours were buying their houses from the housing executive and I could too. I told him I was on DLA but he said that was ok. The mortgage was a joke, over 10% interest and the payments weren’t fixed like I was told at the start. Arrears built up and eventually I had to let the house go. Mis-soldmortgageuk.com got me £24,500. Highly recommended. Great people. This has changed my life.”
T S, Belfast

“We approached a financial adviser as we wanted some advice about planning for retirement. We both had small pensions and our intention was to add to these in some way. The adviser recommended we remortgage our home and buy a property off-plan in Spain. He said the returns would vastly outweigh any traditional pension. We are not greedy people and never planned to be millionaires, we simply wanted to achieve a decent standard of living in retirement. As the property market was really flying we decided to look into this in more detail. The adviser arranged an “inspection trip” so we could look at the site and find out more. A lot of people we knew were doing similar and stupidly we signed on the dotted line once we returned. That was in 2006. By the time the property was ready the market had crashed. Since then it has been a living nightmare. We raised £80,000 on our own home to fund it and have struggled with two mortgages since. Mis-soldmortgagesuk.com took on our case and got us sizeable compensation. We are now free from the Spanish property. Highly recommended.”
B D, Portadown